Rent To Own Program

Purchasing polished concrete equipment is very expensive.  We know that.  That's why we have worked with our supplier Substrate Technology on a program that allows you to rent equipment for a reasonable price and still make a profit on your job.

With every rental that you have with us, half of your rental is retained as a credit against purchasing our rental equipment up to 50% of the purchase price.  

For example

Company A rents the Prepmaster 3030 3 times in the year.

Rental 1-  1 Week $1,500

Rental 2 - 2 Days $1,000

Rental 3 - 1 Month $4,500

Total Rental - $7,000

You've just taken $3,500 off of a purchase of a new grinder or one of our used units at a depreciated rate

Prepmaster grinders hold their resale value better than any other grinder on the market because of the way they are built.  Cast Aluminum heads with laser cut gears and all american built require minimal maintenance.  

If you would like more information on this program contact us for more details.